Mom: my best friend

Best friends, mother and daughter.

Family is the most precious gift any of us are given.  I cannot stress that enough.  Family is the one group of people you know you never have to impress because they love you simply for who you are, simply because you are YOU.  Family is that one support system you never have to work for, but you just know you will always have.  Family is a constant blessing in my life, especially as I get older and learn to appreciate how truly wonderful each family member is.

My mother is my best friend.  She has never ceased to support me, discipline me, care for me, or love me.  Even through all my bad days (and let’s face it, I’ve had some really bad days) she has loved me when I’ve been unloveable.  She has forgiven me when I’ve wronged her, and never keeps a tally of those wrongs.  She invests in my life daily.  We never lie to one another.  I know that may seem crazy to not lie to your mother, but I just don’t.  She knows me better than anyone else and I know she’ll always love me — why should I lie?  We send snail mail cards and letters back and forth to one another when I’m away at college.  She gets up between 4-5am every morning in order to be at the kitchen table with her cup of coffee, her Bible, her devotional, and her journal for a little while before the workday begins.  She loves to help those in need.  She loves God with a passion that rubs off on those around her.  I only hope that one day if I have children, I can be that same light leading them to God as she has been to me.  Mom is a fantastic woman, so naturally I am proud to call her my best friend and blessed to call her my mother.

I have so many lessons that my Mom has taught me over the years, and I cannot wait for the future ones.  As for now, I will end with one very simple and true lesson:   Always, without hesitation, know that you have it good.  There are plenty of others worse off than you are, so rejoice in your bad days as well as your good ones.  Never pity yourself, because someone else looks at you with envy.  Always thank God for who you are, what you have, and whatever you are going through.  You are blessed, even when the blessings seem to be wearing camouflage.   Just keep your eyes open to them and in the meanwhile, be thankful without hesitation.


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