Make a face. It’ll be okay.


I am what they call a “worry-wart.”  I worry about everything….the weather, classes, my friends, my family, the future.  Everything.
Sometimes I get way overstressed.  Noone is meant to worry about everything that could go wrong. 
When I let my worry stress me out, I have to simply take a minute, look in the mirror, and make a silly face at myself. 
I just make a silly face and find the humor in all of my pointless worry.  Can worry change anything?  No.  There is no point in it.
Then, I find the peace with knowing whatever is causing my worry and stress is not bigger than the God I serve.
I know that things will work out for my good.  (Romans 8:28) 
I just get to sit back, make a face, and rest in the peace of knowing it will be okay (whatever it may be).

So, next time you feel yourself stressed or worrying too much, simply take a minute to make a funny face at yourself.
If you’re feeling generous make a face at a stranger or loved one who has a stressful or worrisome demeanor.  It’ll make it better.  Trust me.  🙂


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