A White Christmas

A White Christmas

This year we got what most people dream of — a white Christmas. Our fields and woods are wrapped in snow, the trees are topped in white, and all around the house looks like a fantastic winter wonderland.

To take advantage of this winter blessing, my family and I built snowmen (mine was horizontal), jumped around in the snow, built a snow fort, and had a hotdog roast as it got dark.

Our 10-14 inches of snow surely has provided much entertainment and been a beautiful sight to behold; however, I sure would like the roads to clear up enough for me to make the 1.5 hour drive back to my apartment by Friday morning….


My Very Own Love Story

How perfect a love story I am part of shocks me daily. 🙂


Have you ever felt like you were part of this big huge love story and you wake up one day, realizing it’s not a fairy tale but the reality of your life?

My love story isn’t about me and a boy who I think is just the IT to my everything. Truth be told, I don’t know if I’ll ever think of someone as the IT to my everything. That number one spot is already taken.

So what is my crazy, beautiful love story? Who does it involve?

I wake up every morning and no matter what evils try to invade my thoughts or whatever tries to sneak into the crevices of my heart, I get swept up all over again in a beautiful love story where my Creator (the Almighty God) wooes me with every starry night, every sunrise, every overcast cloud, every breath I am given. God, my precious Father in Heaven, shows me redemption, forgiveness, mercy, love, joy, peace, and hope every single day.

Is that not the best love story you’ve ever heard of?

I recently was talking with a friend who lives hundreds of miles away from me now. He asked what stories I had for him since I always have stories that can entrance him. That really made me think — do I really always have stories? Fact is: I do.

My life is just one big string of stories that I cannot wait to tell and share with others. Why? It’s not just that I talk too much (which I know, I probably do) or I think I’m that entirely interesting (trust me, I’m not). I tell stories from my life because my life IS my love story.

I romanticize my life because it’s my love story. When you have a crazy, incredible love story you want to tell everyone. When you are in love, you can’t contain it. You cannot simply keep your love story to yourself, because love is like a fire — you want to consume everyone else in it.

I find myself telling people about my life and the amazing hand of God in everything — the good and the bad. There is no love story that has never had “rough patches” or trouble, and there are no great love stories without grace. I get through the “rough patches” through the grace of God, the Creator of all. If that isn’t the greatest love story you have ever heard, I’d like to know what you think is.

I invite you all to share in my love story. The secret is out: YOUR greatest love story rests in your relationship with God, just like mine. Pursue it. Grow it. Wake up daily entranced and consumed with God and the life you two are doing together. It will completely change your perspective. Live out the greatest love story….it’s waiting for you.

“‘Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,’ says your compassionate Lord.” -Isaiah 54:10

I hate Finals.

I hate Finals.

I am fairly sure that my economic classes (and professors) are trying to ruin my last Fall semester of my undergraduate degree.
Namely one professor who is requiring a 10 page (minimum without sources) paper over environmental economic issues AND giving us an essay Final over four chapters of environmental economics. Oh, and I won’t dare make the mistake of asking him a question again. He only rudely made fun of my inquiry. You can now understand the sad face.

I make A’s. That’s what I do. I have made one non-A grade (it was a B) in my whole 12 years of secondary school and 3.5 years of university. However, I may gladly take a B (or even a C, possibly) in that class.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to write my Con Law paper, study for my Economic Policy Analysis final, make sure I have my presentation down for tomorrow for Leadership, and try not to be too sad or stressed.

All prayers are much appreciated! In fact, I would like to ask you to pretty please say an extra one or two for me this week. (Thank-you in advance!)