I hate Finals.

I hate Finals.

I am fairly sure that my economic classes (and professors) are trying to ruin my last Fall semester of my undergraduate degree.
Namely one professor who is requiring a 10 page (minimum without sources) paper over environmental economic issues AND giving us an essay Final over four chapters of environmental economics. Oh, and I won’t dare make the mistake of asking him a question again. He only rudely made fun of my inquiry. You can now understand the sad face.

I make A’s. That’s what I do. I have made one non-A grade (it was a B) in my whole 12 years of secondary school and 3.5 years of university. However, I may gladly take a B (or even a C, possibly) in that class.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to write my Con Law paper, study for my Economic Policy Analysis final, make sure I have my presentation down for tomorrow for Leadership, and try not to be too sad or stressed.

All prayers are much appreciated! In fact, I would like to ask you to pretty please say an extra one or two for me this week. (Thank-you in advance!)


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