Home Sweet Home

Let me just tell you about my mighty God who provides for my every need, even long before I know of the need.  He loves to take care of His children.  Really, He does.


Marco and I had been seriously house-hunting since about late February or early March.  We had a lot of wish-list items for our first house.  We wanted it newer (within the last decade, preferably), with a privacy fence, good neighborhood, minimal carpet inside (because let’s face it — what gets underneath carpet or trapped in it is enough to make a person cringe), enough rooms for at least one guest room and one home office, a garage, somewhere that property values are at a steady incline, a neighborhood that is quiet, wall colors that are not obtrusive or too bold, a location that isn’t too far from Fayetteville but closer to Bentonville, etc.   Our list was long, and we knew in reality people often have to sacrifice things on their wish list in order to get a decent house that they can make into their ideal home.  We knew that.

BUT….God provides.  He delights to give us our hearts desire.  We wanted a home that our loved ones will feel safe and welcome in.  We wanted a home with ample space for fellowship.  We wanted a home with our preferences, but we prayed and prayed, telling God it didn’t need to be perfect — just to be ours and be good.

After looking at over ten different houses on the market (bless our sweet, amazing realtor — Pam Andreasen; she is quite literally the most patient, kindest, most hardworking realtor around), our hopes should have been daunted.  They weren’t.  We just KNEW that God was going to provide a wonderful home for us.  Were we tempted to take a house we had seen that was okay but not what we really hope for?  Of course.  But God’s voice inside of us told us to wait.

So, one Monday Marco had taken a personal day from work.  We had no plans.  It was not a holiday.  There wasn’t any logical reason for him to take that particular day off.  We even talked about it and he said, “I don’t know why I ask for this day off, but I did.”  I’ll tell you why.  God’s Spirit inside of Marco led him to ask off that day.   Why?  Because that very day we saw the posting for what is now our house.  Marco saw that posting within the hour it went live.  A few hours later we were at the house with Pam (seriously, if you want to find and buy a home in Northwest Arkansas, ask for Pam at Crye-Leike; she’s the  best) and falling in love with it.   It’s not perfect, but it hits every single wish list item we had.   Now, we would not have been able to see that house and make an offer that day before someone else (because the real estate market is a crazy fast whirlwind in NWA) had Marco not taken off work.  We didn’t know that, but God knew.


Anyway, we made an offer for exactly what the seller listed it for that very day.  Our offer was accepted.  We were under contract for our first house!  Then came the inspection and the appraisal.  The inspection told us what we already knew — this house was perfect for us with no major issues.  What a sweet, sweet gift from our Heavenly Father!

The appraisal knocked down the appraised value of the home $10k from what we offered.  For those who don’t know how this process works, the bank likes to only give you a mortgage loan for the value the appraisal gives.  So there lie our predicament — we had to amend the offer to decrease it by $10,000.   I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried the seller would back out.

BUT….God provided.  God made sure the seller and his wife agreed to the amended selling price.  Praise Him!!!  (Note: it wasn’t really a sacrifice for the seller.  The property value and subsequently appraisal amount was already about $20,000 higher than when they had purchased the home 2 years ago.  They were still making a profit.)

So, now we have a house.  It’s been 12 days since we signed the papers and it officially became ours.  It has been 11 days of gradual and continual moving and getting things into their new proper places.  And, we could not be any happier or more thankful.

IMG_1719 (2)

God cares about what you want.  He provides for our needs, but oftentimes if our hearts are in the right place He also provides what we simply want.  But you have to ask Him and believe in His goodness (which sometimes does result in Him telling you ‘no’).

Marco and I cannot wait to see what all God does through us and our home ownership.  We cannot wait to see how God allows us to bless others through this blessing He has given us — meals shared, fellowship enjoyed, hospitality extended, etc.


The adventure continues……


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~Child of God ~Native Southerner ~Sister to the most amazing sisters, Rach and Shana ~Auntie to the best little man (Roo) and sweetest little girl (Elle) ~Partner to the most incredible man, my Marco ~Hobby photographer ~Enjoyer of the simple things in life

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