It’s Not Smart To Fall In Love

I’m not an expert in falling in love — you can trust me on that one.
If I’m being completely and utterly honest, I’d say falling in love in the chronic condition sense is scary.  I would also venture to say that falling madly in love with someone is not a smart decision.
Now before you hopeless romantics out there get your panties in a twist, let me just say:  I don’t always think the smart choice is the right choice.   Love is a perfect example to that principle; THE perfect example, in fact.
Who would think it smart to pledge eternal loyalty to ONE person forever when whomever they are now could be very different from who they become twenty years down the road?  Who would think it smart to decide that the happiness and well-being of one person is worth the detriment to their own — every single day of their life?  Who would think it smart to complicate life more by adding in another person to care for, plan for/around, tend to, and generally try to accommodate every day?  Who would think it smart to tell another imperfect human being every insecurity, secret, and truth about themselves?
Not me.  I think all of those are some the most not-smart behaviors in the world.  Not smart and irrational.
However, I think it’s important to fall in love.  It’s important to understand that special feeling of vulnerability that happens when two people are in love.  It’s important to experience that feeling of your heart leap when the love of your heart is near.  It’s important to allow yourself to be humbled on the most sensitive and intimate way — by being in love.  It’s important to have someone to smile with on the peaks of life and to cry with in the valleys.
Falling in love is important.
It’s also hard.  One of the hardest things that I’ve found about life is allowing myself to be vulnerable.  Quite frankly, I am a Southern born-and-raised lady.  I’ve been brought up with values of strength.  Many times, or most times, I see strength as the opposing counterpart to vulnerability.   On the contrary, falling in love finds strength in being vulnerable to one another.  It’s hard because it’s irrational.
Which leads me to my next statement….love is irrational.   Where is the logic?   Where is the reason?   Seriously, those are not rhetorical questions.  If you have an answer, feel free to share.  Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you must also find it hard to willingly engage in daily irrational behavior.  Personally I like to err on the side of caution — which always finds itself on the side of rationality.
Falling in love isn’t necessarily smart.  It’s hard.  It’s irrational.
BUT, it’s worth it.  It’s important.  It’s right.
There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing a smile in the eyes of someone you have fallen for when they’re looking at you.  There’s nothing sweeter than goodnight kisses from the person who holds your heart.  There’s nothing more honorable than someone loving you enough to trust you with their heart.  There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your safe place can be with you wherever because it’s the one you are in love with.  There’s nothing greater than having that daily motivation to simply be a better you so that you can help the one you love be a better them.

Falling in love might just be the best “not-smart” decision of your life.