Lawn Mowers and Relationships: Country Musings

Lawn Mowing Is Like Relationships
Lawn Mowing Is Like Relationships

As I was helping mow our land the other day (in the country, that’s a much more time-consuming task than you would think), I got to thinking how relationships are a lot like mowing with a riding lawn mower.  Don’t believe me?  Here are my findings:

1.  You have to know what direction you need to go in.  On the lawn mower, to be able to get all of the tall grass you have to know when you need to turn and in what direction.  Same thing with a relationship:  you need direction.  You can’t just jump into a relationship with no idea where you want it to go.  If you do, that relationship will not go where you want.  Believe me.

2.  Pay attention.  When mowing the lawn here, I am always having to look out for large rocks or tree stumps or holes to avoid.  Things that could harm the lawn mower.  With a relationship you always have to be on the look-out for things that could harm one another, and avoid them.  Don’t put yourself into compromising positions.  Pay attention and deliberately avoid such places/things.

3.  Even when it’s rough, enjoy the goodness in what you are doing.   Now out here in the country, the land is not all smooth.  There are hills, holes, and rocky patches here and there.  So atop a lawn mower, the ride gets rough.  However, no matter how rough it gets I keep going because I love the way a freshly cut lawn looks and I love how much more functional it is.  With relationships, it’s the same way.  There will be rough times, but you just have to be forward-looking and know that the rough times are worth the goodness of the relationship.  Don’t give up on a good thing just because things get difficult.  That would be like giving up mowing the lawn half-way through just because I hit a rock.

4.  Don’t go too fast or you’ll miss something.  With a riding lawn mower, you have the option to adjust the speed.  If you go too fast, you’ll inevitably end up missing a patch of grass here or there.  Relationships are a lot like that.  If you move too fast, you’ll miss out on something.  If you go straight to the bed before the altar, you’re going to miss out on a lot.  A lot.  You should go at the same speed emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  That way, you won’t miss something.

That’s all I have for now, folks.  Just a few musings of mine out here in the countryside as I mowed my parents’ lawn.  It’s a nice place for pondering.