I Don’t Have This — Thank God!

Holding my one day old little step-niece, Stormie Elizabeth.
Holding my one day old little step-niece, Stormie Elizabeth.

It amazes me who and what God uses to talk to us when we aren’t listening to His direct words.

I’ve been internally lamenting and externally whining to God about circumstances I don’t particularly enjoy as of late.

Well, God used my new baby step-niece to talk to me, to show me what I needed to know from Him:  He’s got this.  Good thing, too, because I sure don’t.

We are babies to God.  We are His children.  He loves us more than we can imagine.  He created us, saved us, and takes care of us.  Our problems are not too big for Him, and we are not lost in His big, big world.

As I was holding my day old baby step-niece, Miss Stormie Elizabeth, I would sing to her when she got fussy, assure her that everything is okay, and tell her to just go ahead and cry if she wanted.  She would quiet down quickly.

That’s me and God.  He’s holding me in His arms and I’ve just been crying and whining — being a fussy baby.  He keeps telling me over and over again that everything is okay, that He has me.  He keeps letting me cry to Him until I’m satisfied that I’ve been heard and my problems are taken care of.  And, with every single day I get a new lullaby from Him  — the sound of someone precious telling me they love me, the chirp of crickets as I sit in my bedroom in our country home, the sound of my sister laugh, and everything in between.

The thing is, Baby Stormie can’t fathom how much I love her or how much her mommy loves her or any of us.  But, she can feel that love.  She can feel arms that hold her and rock her.  She can see smiling faces.  She can hear the sincerity in our voices, the patience, the tenderness as we talk to her.  She can feel the fingers that she wraps her hands around.  She can feel when a hand pats her back to burp her after a feeding.  She can feel that she’s being taken care of, and that’s what makes her quiet down after being fussy.

I can feel my God taking care of me, so I know I don’t have to be fussy with Him.  I can feel the grace He keeps lavishing on my heart.  I can see all of the blessings He is putting in my life left and right.   I can hear His Word speak through people around me and even through something as simple as the car radio.  I can feel that He is taking care of all of my needs — immediate and otherwise.

There’s no sense in being fussy.  God loves His babies.  He hears me and He’s taking care of it.  I just have to let Him.